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Use your phone or tablet as a mirror! Don't settle for those inferior mirror apps with blurry, distorted images and annoying ads!***A Front Facing Camera Is Needed To Use This App***
Mirror by wckdDev uses the front-facing camera to turn your phone or camera into a mirror.
- Optimized for Tablets and Phones- Horizontal and Vertical Reverse Modes- Safe and Secure- Snapshot Mode- PhotoStrip Mode- Themes, Frames, and Frame Add-on Packs- Keeps Aspect Ratio, No Distortion- Zoom, Exposure, and White Balance Settings- Remembers All Setting Preferences- Bare Minimum Permissions
Mirror pledges to use only the minimum permissions needed to function correctly which should never include more than the following:
- Camera/Microphone: Used only to capture the mirror image- Photos/Media/Files: Used only to save the Snapshots or Photostrip you take- Other: Used only to change to brightness setting
If you experience any problems when using Mirror, please don't hesitate to contact us.